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“I’m not surprised. I think that the opportunity that the marijuana industry presents is an opportunity we won’t see again in this country probably ever. It’s very rare for a brand new industry, especially one that is so lucrative, so this is a very unique situation and my take on her decision is, you have a bad track record.

Are doing a complete audit of the fire prevention bureau and will be seeking input from the public for suggestions on how to improve the customer service aspect of prevention. Chaput not only brings proven experience to the position, but a sharp mind that is always seeking improvement. He has a BA in Applied Business: Emergency Services from the Lakeland School of Business in Alberta, and recently completed his Master Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University in British Columbia.

Both are five stories tall, while the majority of downtown’s early 20th Century masonry buildings are between three and four stories. In 1925 the Chamber of Commerce Building (now Wells Fargo Bank) was constructed at 11 stories and became Berkeley’s only “skyscraper” until 1970 when the Great Western Building was completed. The Chamber of Commerce had its offices on the top floor of the building, a perfect place to tout the charms of Berkeley’s location directly opposite the Golden Gate..

Senators for more than five years. The only player in Vestal history to make the varsity lacrosse team as an eighth grader, Carlin also considered Rutgers, Penn State, Cornell, Binghamton, Army, Air Force and Dartmouth. (Calif.) has verbally committed to Michigan.

Looking ahead: It has mesmerized the world and nearly monopolized news coverage because of its potentially devastating lethal impact on healthy, viable populations. It has engendered vigorous debate about how best to contain the problem where it is concentrated most densely and simultaneously protect those individuals at risk thousands of miles away. It strikes suddenly with often deadly results and calls for a solution that erases mass hysteria and returns a sense of peace without fear.

They had to follow along on a piano. A gentleman would play a chord, and you had to pick out either the middle, top or the bottom note from that chord. We really made sure to pick people that had an ear to pick up music quickly, that had the talent to be able to sing pop music and really kick its butt, and we ended up getting this super talented group of people that are all fairly local individuals as well.

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