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This residual gas is more evidence that the streams are caused by giant planets, rather than even larger objects such as a companion star. Second star would have cleared out the gap more, leaving no residual gas. By studying the amount of gas left, we may be able to pin down the masses of the objects doing the clearing.

Edit but I missed the 5 minute window. In the past you did not need to show a social security card to get a driver license. You are required to show this or other evidence of your social security number for real ID. For those who are always prepared, the Boy Scout handshake is accomplished with the left hand rather than the right. This special greeting apparently was derived from the example of two neighboring West African tribes who decided to end generations of war between them. Leaving behind his spear and shield, one defenseless chief approached the other chief and offered his left hand in friendship and trust..

Like Yogi Berra would have said, like de ja vu all over again. Think it huge what Ron has brought to the table for us this season, said Colfax High head coach Terry O brings that experience to every practice and game that the kids have been feeding off of. Who coached basketball for 35 years, including 32 seasons at all three levels at Colfax, retired from full time coaching in 2009.

Moore issued an order in January to Alabama’s probate judges, concerning same sex marriage. Moore told the probate judges a ban on issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples was still in effect until the Alabama Supreme Court issued a ruling. Supreme Court in its Obergefell decision had ruled state bans on same sex marriage were unconstitutional..

Interi 1917 til 18 l Maud til kais under Akershus festning, og ble utover v ferdig innredet og lastet med alt som skulle til for ekspedisjonen. Nordpolen var n tilsynelatende allerede erobret (1908 1909), og Maud ekspedisjonen skulle i stedet bare ha et vitenskapelig form var stolt av salongen om bord. Fotografiene av kongefamilien som hadde blitt for til Fram i 1910 hang p veggen, og p en liten hylle under sto det store s som kongeparet hadde gitt ved samme anledning.

I 1915 16 var Lindstr tilbake ved Sibir kysten, da som kokk for den norske forretningsmannen Jonas Lied p hans ekspedisjon til Jenisej elven. Denne ekspedisjonen hadde som hensikt legge ut depoter og skaffe sibirske trekkhunder for Roald Amundsen. I sine memoarer skriver Lied om retten la Lindstr at den ble laget av bj og servert p alle Grand hoteller i Nord Europa.

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