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Henry Ford Community College has embarked on an in depth, scientific marketing research study. Feedback from community residents who do not attend HFCC will assist HFCC in developing marketing and re branding efforts to help attract new students and community partners to the college. The goal of this research study is to develop a strong marketing presence to ensure the growth and financial health of the college.

Like I said, I still use the christian terms and I think it wise to avoid social conflict in general, but all society meet a point when change is going to happen because impacted people gain sufficient strength to be heard. Atheists have always objected, but their numbers were small enough in the past to be ignored by the Christian majority. Thomas Jefferson rewrote the Bible, taking out everything supernatural, but he knew to pick battles he could win and did not seek to impose his view on all his contemporaries.

Granger, chairwoman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations that oversees foreign aid, said in a statement, am not convinced of the urgent need for this assistance and I cannot support it at this time. I have placed a hold on these funds. Government, shutting down both offices as well as 15 other similar groups..

Many household cleaners, soaps, shampoo, laundry cleaners, bleach, etc., are bases. Many people think acids are more dangerous than bases, while in fact both are equally as hazardous when in concentrated form. Many household cleaners can cause burns to skin and damage clothing and should be handled with care.

On May 14th, a female driver was driving westbound on SH 183 when a male driver of another vehicle pulled alongside of hers and signaled that her vehicle was having a mechanical problem. The male driver was signaling her to pull to the side of the road. Once the victim pulled over onto the shoulder, the male driver pulled in behind her..

Over 14,000 athletes participate in Special Olympics Tennessee which provides year round training and competition opportunities in 19 sports for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Each year over 250 athletes and coaches participate in the Special Olympics Tennessee State Winter Games. The Winter Games is conducted by the Gatlinburg Snow Sports Center and competition is offered in Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and Speed Skating..

Amazing. I been blown away by the community support, Stevenson said. Very low key and low budget but there are lots of activities to do. Group has put girls cross country on the map at Troy, Alexander said. Always been good. We always had good individuals.

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