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Some years ago the City dedicated a wilderness park on the north shore. I believe Port Moody has the highest park/citizen ratio in the Tri Cities. Happy Birthday, City of Port Moody and many thanks to our early pioneers and families who still reside here and who helped create a great city to live in..

The laws governing the sale of tryout keys vary from state to state. Some regions strictly forbid the sale of tryout keys to anyone other than law enforcement officials and professional locksmiths. Other cities and states openly sell them in “spy” stores or even hardware shops.

Police said a car with a male driver was traveling in the wrong direction in the eastbound lane when it crashed into a SUV driven by a woman with a young girl (five to seven years old) passenger. They’re investigating whether the driver entered the interstate on the wrong off ramp, or crossed the median. It’s unclear if drugs or alcohol were involved.

However, some observers say Cain was talking about more than rape or incest and point to his comments saying it appears he was talking about abortion in a general sense when saying government should have no role in protecting unborn children from abortions. If Cain is putting forward a nuanced view on abortions in cases of rape or incest, he joins the ranks of many pro life Republican presidential candidates who have taken such views. But if Cain is saying abortions should not be prohibited by law, that would put him at odds with most Republicans and a majority of Americans who take a strongly pro life position..

Cheryl was born in 1949 and Dennis in 1951. In 1953 she headed west with her family, briefly to Manitoba and then to BC where they lived in several different towns until 1956 when Norma and the kids returned to Dryden for Cheryl to start grade 2. Norma worked hard nearly all her life.

Yarnell’s has launched a program to help with the fight against breast cancer. The tie in program is in collaboration with the Arkansas Affiliates of Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Many people believe that morality is universal, but in fact, the idea of what is moral tends to shift between nations and even between age groups within the same country. For instance, sentencing someone to death does not go against the moral code established by the government of the United States, but in most European countries this action would be seen as immoral. Lewis, and the topic still generates debate and discussion among modern day philosophers, artists, clergy, and politicians.

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