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That is not what this is about. I see it as a good tool for evidence purposes. It also supplements the video from their car camera systems. Right now, just about every major college football program has its claws ready to grab Troxell as he’s projected to be one of the top recruited offensive lineman in the country for the class of 2016. He’s ranked a four star recruit and No. 66 player in the country according to ESPN..

Democrats touted almost $4 billion in total funding to fight the nation’s opioid addiction epidemic, an almost $3 billion increase. More than $2 billion would go to strengthen school safety through grants for training, security measures and treatment for the mentally ill. Medical research at the National Institutes of Health, a longstanding bipartisan priority, would receive a record $3 billion increase to $37 billion..

5). Shields is just the second player in school history to be a three year captain and is a returning first team Academic All American. In 2014, he was also one of 16 national finalists across all of Division I athletics for the 2014 Arthur Ashe Jr.

But Democrats seem convinced the vice president can do more good than harm in the coming contests.”Dusting off the Twitter handle for a big midterm election year. Let’s get to it, folks,” he wrote in the first message on the account in a year.I’ve been coming to this thread for 6 years.If folks were calling Bush racist names, or referencing him in thinly veiled racist terms I DO NOT CONDONE that.Regardless of all the bad decisions that our ex president made I would never condone having anyone refer to him in racist derogatory terms.Since my arrival on this thread I have been witness to folks referring this President in such a manner.If folks were making negative comments about Bush because of the poor decisions that he made I have no problem with that. I’ve done that.The fact remains that there is a certain segment on this thread and in the general population that refer tho THIS President in not so thinly veiled racist terms; and they object to his every single move , and decision.They resent him being in the Oval Office, travelling on Air Force One, and having secret service protection.I’ve read their comments I’ve seen their placards.I will repeat you cannot compare the way Bush was treated to the way THIS President has been and continues to be treated.I won’t even reference congressional behaviour and folks voting against things they were always for as soon as THIS President decides he’s for them as well..

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