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Agreed to pay more than $850 thousand dollars in back pay to police officers as a result of alengthy period of faulty record keeping. Wtva’s mike russell is in the breaking news center with more on that. Bill, in a statement issued this morning, the city of tupelo, with the approval of the city council, says it will pay $857 thousand dollars in back pay overthe periodfrom august 2015 to december 2016.

Columbus Brick Company is a family owned, fourth generation company that manufactures a variety of face bricks and custom shapes in a broad range of colors, textures and styles for residential and commercial applications. Brick manufacturer to offer genuine paper cut brick. Columbus Brick can manufacture a maximum of 140 million brick units annually and employs 75 individuals..

MACLEAN: I was extremely satisfied with the three year contract. That was basically the length of time I was looking for. That’s a significant amount of time to show that you can coach in the league and that your team is going to compete. Fridtjof Nansen levde i en epoke av historien som virkelig trengte en mann av hans kaliber. I sitt livs forskjellige faser skaffet han seg alltid den n kunnskap for utrette det han ville og l de oppgavene han sto overfor. P en m var det som om han ble lokket p kallet av ting i tiden, og bare tok den ene utfordringen etter den andre.

That we were arrested, more like we were detained, joked Rose, 54. Sometimes you forget you have a gun. He added with a smile: wasn my gun. Nice to get that, she said of the top playoff seeding, I don think it be an advantage against (Auld). It a new game and you have to start fresh. But this is what we prepare our whole season for.

Chiaramonte, 65, learned he got the job Friday, his last day as executive director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Chiaramonte said he had planned to take a six month hiatus before finding another job.Chiaramonte beat out former Sarasota County Administrator Jim Ley for the TBARTA position. Chiaramonte said he doesn know what his salary will be yet because his contract is still to be negotiated.

The Breakers took control at Guyer Field by sprinting to a 2 0 halftime lead. Alicia Rose scored off an assist by Anna Hopper for Laguna’s first score, and Jessica Heitel nailed an unassisted goal. Lavery, a senior to be, and Romeo, a junior to be, advanced to the final against Patrick Lipscomb and Matthew Miller of Irvine before narrowly falling, 7 6, 4 6 and 5 10 in the tiebreaker.

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