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Then overnight, heavy rain inundates the central and northern sections of our area. And this should continue across sections of the area into your wednesday morning. During the day wednesday, we’ll see off and on showers. Helen Ridolfi says she added another wonderful grandson in law to the two she already treasures, and that all three are nicest young men anyone could wish for. She describes them as fashioned gentlemen, all are well educated with good jobs, and they work hard. Most important to this grandmother and matriarch who brought four children into the world, who in turn blessed her with three granddaughters and two great granddaughters, she says, three are good family men..

But I just kept on doing my own thing, you know. I just love jazz. I was influenced by Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. Longbow Lake Fire department was also on the scene to assist police. Of a motor vehicle collision involving a pedestrian and a tractor trailer unit on Highway 17, Wainwright Township, near Glengoland Road. As a result, the Trans Canada Highway was closed just West of Dryden for approximately 4 hours.The Technical Traffic Collision Investigators were called in to assist in the investigation along with Highway Safety division, and the Northwest crime unit.

Most lotto winning secrets are based on little more than plain old common sense and a little bit of statistical theory. One example of plain old sense: read the odds printed on your game ticket. Any sanctioned lottery or contest must, by law, clearly state the odds of winning each of its prizes and are bound by truth in advertising clauses..

Association president Chelsea Cameron says they are expecting about 750 players on the ice at the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) from Friday, Jan. 13 until the tournament wraps up on Sunday, Jan. 15. “This revelation is particularly interesting because both baby stars’ masses derived from our ALMA data are about 10% of the solar mass, which is very low. The formation of very low mass wide binary stars has been a mystery. But our result is strong evidence that wide binaries of these very low mass stars and even brown dwarfs can form in the same way as normal stars via turbulent fragmentation.” said Lee..

“They weren’t sliding to me when I was coming up above the cage,” Heningburg said. “I knew I was going to beat my man, and my hands were free and I shot it. We watched the film, and we watched that they weren’t sliding to certain guys. Celebration. Ms. Bernice Calahan Clary, also planned yearly activities at Mt.

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