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Gael came to Dryden in the 1960 to work in the offices at the Dryden Paper Company. Gael was a dedicated, loyal, hard worker who took her responsibilities seriously and could always be counted on to do a top notch job. After several years at the paper company she changed her place of employment and was hired at the Dryden Medical Clinic and later at the Dryden Regional Health Centre where she was an Administrative Assistant in the Diabetes Clinic until her retirement in 2011..

Every person Robbie met, she befriended, invested her time and love into their life, and expected nothing in return, Calaway said. Will be remembered for so many qualities. Her endless generosity. Business incubators are facilities designed to accel the development and success of start up and existing businesses. The buildings are located on the south side of the SOTC campus adjacent to the In Training Center.The advantage to a ten locating at an incu is that they receive more affordable and flexible term lease space than they could receive outside of the incubator. They also have access to array of on site managerial, ad and financial services that assist the companies in overcoming challenges faced in the market place.

If you want a bigger screen, you have to be prepared to project a larger picture. Larger picture demands a larger tube. It always been a given that the size of the television set was dependent on the amount of “stuff” that had to be fitted inside. There is also a need to look at what we doing in our own backyard. Often times people are concerned, saying have homeless, there a lack of housing, there are limited jobs, how are we supporting Canadians versus, you know, through our temporary foreign worker program? And the challenge is yes there might be jobs available to everyday Canadians, but those aren the jobs that everyday Canadians want. So is there a healthy balance between even our temporary foreign worker initiative, and the growth opportunity for jobs here in our own backyard.

There will be some raffles held for people to stop in and look over things and win some door prizes. The Butcher Block has been located inside that PDQ location for more than 17 years. They also have a location on Fond du Lac Avenue in Fond du Lac. “I think we’re going to be in a different reality than what we had here for many years, probably for at least a few years,” he said. “Our industry is like our whole economy, which is fairly fragile. But Bainbridge is still a great place to invest in.

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