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The following summer, Clarett reported that a used car he had borrowed from a local dealer was broken into and that he had been hit by thousands of dollars in losses. Clarett’s call to police came from Tressel’s office. Clarett admitted he had made up the break in call and later took a plea deal.

His data driven conclusions upend conventional wisdom. He has found that if given alternatives such as money or merchandise vouchers, many drug users will avoid narcotics. And that there is little cognitive impairment in users of methamphetamines. Some bright spots for Richmond: as usual, their ride, which gained back six possessions on 23 Retriever attempts. While not at last year’s level, the defense was still pretty sound, limiting UMBC to just 25 shots as Jason Reynolds caused three turnovers and picked up three groundballs, Austin Cates caused two and picked up three and Sean Menges caused two and picked up five. Attackman Teddy Hatfield was the most productive offensive player with two goals and an assist, but he also committed five turnovers.

$5,000 for tree maintenance, not $5,000 for homicide, but $5,000 for police to sit in this council room, Sandau said. Personally was the attempted target of this new rule at the council first meeting and yet again tonight. Why is this council so frightened by words that hold them responsible for their own actions that they need to use city money to silence the truth? That came after the council went into a brief recess over Saudau claim during her first attempt to speak that frequent interruptions by Councilmember At Large and Chairwoman Ann Finney telling her addressing council members by name violated council rules, and then, that her three minutes had expired..

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. What a wonderful welcome. It’s good to be back in New Mexico. Some models may be more expensive, but they may pay for themselves in the long run by way of fuel efficiency. As costs for electricity and fuel fluctuate, the different models of stand alone heating units also fluctuate in price, availability, and desirability. Homeowners may prefer an electric model, receiving only one bill, or they may prefer propane which can be stored in a tank and used only as needed.

I was reminded of this but a few weeks ago when I applied for a police clearance to visit one of Canada’s diamond mines. I rode my bike up the hill to the police station and entered wet and disheveled. An efficient young man demanded proof that I lived where I said I did.

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